Thursday, February 23, 2006

Am I Too Slutty Part 2

By now it was obvious that sometime during the evening Jared had told them what I was going to do. So I didn’t even try to act surprised or like I didn’t know what the hat was for. Instead I played the good slut and walked right over to him and pulled out a little folded up piece of paper. When I read the number on it, which was three, there was a lot of yelling and laughter, and some taunting too. Then Jared’s friend Chris stood up and looked as happy as you ever seen a man, and for good reason too. He had just won a blowjob from me.
Can you believe how slutty I am? I took him into an adjoining bedroom and got down on my knees. I had been so nervous about doing this all evening. Not really the blowjob part but just the anxiety about who would be there, who would win and all that. Would it be someone I had never met or one of his friends that comes over a couple times a week? Would it be one of his friends I think is hot or some guy I would never want to go down on. I mean I really had no idea who was coming over so as far as I knew I could have been sucking off anyone that night.
That’s the exciting part though; knowing that I was going to do it no matter who it was and the build up to it had me wet the whole week before.
I had got pretty lucky though because Chris was a real cutie. He was about five foot ten, with blonde hair and a really nice body. He had always been nice to me and never did I get the impression he was anything but a pretty good guy. I never imagined him to be the type who would go for this sort of thing though, but then again, he is a man and what man would turn down a free blowjob, especially one from his friend’s slutty girlfriend with no strings attached.
So here I am, down on my knees unzipping his pants and it is obvious he is ready for me. I pulled his underwear out and down and his dick popped right out and was pointing straight at me. It was just the kind I like too because it was nice and thick but not so long it would choke you to death. I’m telling you ladies; you have never really felt like a true slut until you’re in the position I was in right then and it was beautiful. I wrapped my hand around it and I was so nervous but then I just did it. I opened my mouth and let him slide it right in. This is getting long again but I have told you this much, so I have to tell you the rest. I will finish it next time I promise. Tasha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are keeping us in suspense here Tasha (although I have a pretty good idea). Still, we'd like to know the rest of the story. Don't take too long posting it.

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