Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Story Behind My Blog Pic Part 4

I could tell that Dennis had came a ton right inside me and it was too late to undo it now. There was no way I could get this past Jared by not showing him the tape or turning it off before that point. There was also no way one of us could get to the camera to turn it off without me raising up and if Jared didn’t know what had happened, he would for sure then if you know what I mean. We lay in bed and laughed for a bit about how hard we went at it but we were both a little worried about what my boyfriend would say. It wasn’t like we were going to break up or something but we probably wouldn’t be doing anymore of this if one of us couldn’t follow the rules we had established for each other. It was a matter of principle. So after Dennis left I just had to check the tape and sure enough when I got off him the cum just poured out of me (sorry if that’s gross, normally I would think it was hot but not today). I had the biggest cream pie I had ever seen after my boyfriend specifically told me not to let him cum inside me. I really felt bad about it but I decided I wasn’t going to worry about it until I had to. Later that evening I showed up at Jared’s with my tape in hand and he met me at the door with a kiss and flowers. I was really feeling guilty then because he was being so sweet. I knew he couldn’t wait to watch the tape and their was no point in putting it off. First I went and put the tape in. Then I sat him down and did the best striptease a woman has ever done holding a remote control. Then I crawled over to him and made him beg me to let him watch it while I stroked his cock. When he couldn’t take it anymore I hit play just as I was sliding my lips around his dick and took it as far down my throat as I could. I was really going to have to work it to get out of trouble for what I did earlier. I still felt like I had betrayed his trust and it was an awful feeling. At the same time though it was so hot being naked in front of him, sucking his cock while he watched this movie of me getting fucked by his friend. It is so great getting to be a dirty little whore and be loved and respected for it at the same time. After a bit I could tell it was about over and I prepared for the worst. Jared was so about to cum but I could tell he was trying to make it thru the whole video. Then I heard myself cumming on the tape and I knew what he was about to see, exactly what he told me not to do. Oh God, here it was, the part I didn’t want him to see and right when it was happening on screen Jared came in my mouth like you would not believe. I was totally unprepared for it but it was incredible. He came so much I couldn’t swallow it all so when I looked up at him I had cum running out of both sides of my mouth. Jared had this look of absolute amazement and I bet it was quite a site to see my creamy pussy on video and my cum filled mouth right in front of him at the same time. I had to play it a little so I winked at him and then took my finger and pushed some of it back into my mouth while licking my lips. I knew that would make him just melt. So in the end I didn’t get in trouble but I can’t lie, he did spank me for it. It was ten of the hardest smacks my rear has ever felt and then he told me not to ever do it again. Seriously ladies, if you think you feel like a bad girl for dancing with some guy and not telling your man or something, you have never really felt like a true bad girl. There is nothing like having your man cum in your mouth and then turn you over and spank you because you let one of his friends cum inside you after he told you not to. God I love being a slut. Till next time. Tasha


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OMG I am in love with your have mail baby...

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